Ivor Ellul

Ivor Ellul, PhD, currently serves as founder and chief executive officer of Knowledge Reservoir, a Houston-based energy and engineering consulting firm. With extensive expertise in oil and gas exploration, Knowledge Reservoir provides services that contribute to reservoir management, knowledge management, production solutions, pipeline and process engineering, and real-time systems. As an experienced energy industry professional, Dr. Ivor Ellul has founded several companies and held a variety of executive leadership positions. As a visiting professor at Imperial College London, he lectures on pipeline and process engineering in the school’s master’s program for engineering. Dr. Ivor Ellul has served on a number of boards, including the engineering advisory board of the University of Houston. He is currently chairman of the board for the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group.

As a native of Malta, Dr. Ivor Ellul earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Malta. After a short period of professional experience, he matriculated at Imperial College London and earned a master of science in petroleum engineering. He returned to Imperial College to earn a doctorate in petroleum engineering in 1989.